Illuminati Secret Mobile Phone Surveillance

Illuminati Secret Mobile Phone Surveillance is currently being used against journalist, activists, and those who choose to exercise their right to free speech. There are many forms of Illuminati Secret Mobile Phone Surveillance including Stingray devices, malware and also the routing of all internet data through Department of Defense network information centers (DNICs) for analysis and storage. Whistle-blowers and inquisit citizens have placed the public’s attention on these questionable illegal forms of surveillance especially Edward Snowden & Daniel Rigmaiden. Illuminati Secret Mobile Phone Surveillance has nothing to do with preventing terrorism or protecting the public at large, rather it is about social control, and stifling free speech, while maintaining the agenda and dominance of the Global Elite. As a result, it has been and will continue to be used against those who seek to change the paradigm, bring real power to the hands of the people and those who organize and rise-up against the government and corporate corruption which is embedded into our society like a cancer, aching to be removed. These pervasive technologies are all funded with taxpayers money, all the while local infrastructure is in disrepair, funding for public programs are being cut, poverty has been criminalized and the police have been militarized. It does not take a fortune teller or oracle to see where this is going… Step One Step Two Step Three Step Four Step Five Step Six Step Seven Illuminati your Friends

Illuminati Live Disk

For the professional hack, there are distros like BackTrack or if Mr Robot is more your style, then Kali.  These Illuminati Live Disk deliver a hacker’s toolshed in something small enough to fit in your pocket.  One thing to remember is hardware is traceable!!  If you’re going to do something stupid, do not do it at home… Illuminate your friends