Illuminati official website

The Illuminati official website was born to assist people in avoiding the related Illuminati scams happening daily on this planet.  You probably know what I mean…hopefully your hard earned money was not given to one these charltons.  Show your dedication by purchasing this book, buy this trinket, pay for your membership dues and upgrade your level (limited time offer;-)).  Show your allegiance to the Illuminati, become a member, fame and fortune will be heading your way, notwithstanding your own merit and abilities.  Do not forget to watch our Illuminati official YouTube video TV commercial©.  These type of people are the worst of the worst taking advantage of disenfranchised people peddling them hope and empty dreams in exchange for a fee.    The Illuminati official website warns readers of the various messages you will encounter on social media platforms, usually followed with up a get rich for nothing scheme.  “Message the Illuminati at this Gmail address or better yet, here’s our Illuminati official Whatsapp number.  Contact us now, get your application to become a member…once accepted you will RECEIVE $5Million dollars, $400k per month after.  I am offering this to you, all for a mere $400USD being wired to my The Official Illuminati Mud Hut – Nigeria…for your application of course”… The moral of The Illuminati official website story is No One is Going to Save You, but You.  If you think or believe otherwise, you still have a few lessons to learn and dues to pay.  The only get rich quick scheme you will most likely experience is one in which you are the victim…go ahead and read that line again, let it sink in.  Now keep your hard earned money, invest in experiences and bettering yourself to improve your outcome and not someone else’s.        Illuminati your Friends