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You are probably wondering what this site is about.  Is it real or just another Internet hoax?  That will be up to you to decide.  One thing is certain, you will learn a great deal about our cause, what our current goals are and a glimpse into our history.  Most importantly you will be given ways in which you can help to establish a better and brighter future for all.  

There are many rumors and tales about the Illuminati. Many of these stories are far from the truth.  I’m here to help set the record straight.  We are not trans-dimensional shape shifting reptiles.  We all come from different walks of life.  Some are well off, from well to do families, there are middle class scrapers, others that are flipping your burgers and everything in between.  You will never really know who someone is just by looking at them, what they do for a living, the way they are dressed, or their age.

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