Illuminati Year of the Monkey

Illuminati New Year

What a year 2015 was, there were losses and gains, people that passed on and others that took their first breath.  In the Illuminati New Year allegiances were formed and others were broken, new friendships were made and while some were dissolved.  Something that was close to many readers of this site, including the person writing this post has come to past and was a shock to many.  The ℑ♦ lead to the creation of friendships both digital and In Real Life, creative art and entertainment, movements and websites including this one, The  Everything has its time, nothing is truly lost if you have learned from the experience.  The student is responsible for applying what they have been taught, not the instructor.

In this Illuminati New Year 2016 (AL 6016) become the best person you can be, challenge yourself, continue to learn, and embrace change.  Do something that you find mentally uncomfortable because you will find out a great deal about yourself during the process.  Conquer your fears, improve the control of your ego, have new experiences, explore a different culture and learn all that you can.  Most importantly, assist others, extend your hand to those in need.  

Embrace the beauty of life, understand your actions can affect others.  Be careful of your words, because they can be hurtful, full of hate and show a reflection of who you are on the inside.  Do not cause collateral damage, hurting innocent people does nothing but make others strike back.  Do not blindly follow leaders, unless they are truly qualified to lead…as always check out their credentials.  Question what you have learned.  Question what you have been told.  Question yourself and think for yourself.  Do not believe everyone’s bullshit, including your own.  Become comfortable with understanding you will never know it all….it’s impossible in this day and age.     

In this Illuminati New Year make it a priority to forge real relationships, have experiences In Real Life (IRL), go out into your community, into the world and let them hear your voice, interact with your fellow humans.  Try to improve your real life, not your digital presences, make real moves, not strokes on the keyboard.  Create something, whether it be art or a new business, or perhaps a new you….it really does not matter as long as you do!   

Illuminate your friends