Illuminati Sock Puppetry

Illuminati Sock Puppet

Illuminati Sock Puppetry — the art of using false identities for deception has been used for centuries.  Today with the Internet and digital devices, creating sock puppets is easier than ever before.  All of the “Teams” use Illuminati Sock Puppetry.

Currently, there are two different types of Illuminati Sock Puppets being deployed.

Type I

Sock puppets may be created during an online poll to submit multiple votes in favor of the puppeteer. A related usage is the creation of multiple identities, each supporting the puppeteer’s views in an argument, attempting to position the puppeteer as representing majority opinion and sideline opposition voices. In the abstract theory of social networks and reputation systems, this is known as a sybil attack.

A sock puppet-like use of deceptive fake identities is used in stealth marketing. The stealth marketer creates one or more pseudonymous accounts, each one claiming to be owned by a different enthusiastic supporter of the sponsor’s product or book or ideology.[9][10]

Types of Sock Puppets Picture

Type II

“A straw-man sock puppet is a false flag pseudonym created to make a particular point of view look foolish or unwholesome in order to generate negative sentiment against it. Straw-man sock puppets typically behave in an unintelligent, uninformed, or bigoted manner and advance “straw man” arguments that their puppeteers can easily refute. The intended effect is to discredit more rational arguments made for the same position.[11] Such sock puppets behave in a similar manner to internet trolls.”


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