NoBody from the Illuminati Site

Life of an Illuminist

Who am I? The short answer is I am a nobody. Like you, most people have never heard of me. You will not find my face on billboards or in newspapers. My name is only spoken by those who know me, otherwise, I am just another nameless face not standing with the crowd. My mind is not occupied by the latest fad, celebrity happenings or whatever the flock is consuming at the time. I question what I am told, what I have learned and am always striding towards a deeper understanding of all that I possible can. Life to me, is about the dialectic, improving, making a better version of ourselves.

I come from humble beginnings, but it did not stop me from wanting and achieving more. Pushing myself, no matter the obstacles in my way, I always break through. I believed in myself before anyone else did. If I had listened to what others told to me, I would have never made it this far. Life is not easy, but I would not have it any other way. Without challenges, life would not be worth living.

We are all interconnected these days. The Internet was said to make the world smaller, but has it? Do you feel alone at times? Like no one understands you or what’s wrong in the world? Even though people are next to you, they are a world away? Do you speak to others, but feel like it’s almost a different language, it does not seem real? This site was created for people like you, the ones that know something is out of place, the balance is broken. That we should be achieving much more as a community, as people, as a species.

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