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The next manifesto is by a Hacktivist name  Aaron Hillel Swartz.

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“Information is power. But like all power, there are those who want to keep it for themselves. The world’s entire scientific and cultural heritage, published over centuries in books and journals, is increasingly being digitized and locked up by a handful of private corporations. Want to read the papers featuring the most famous results of the sciences? You’ll need to send enormous amounts to publishers like Reed Elsevier.”

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Crypto Anarchist Manifesto

A specter is haunting the modern world, the specter of crypto anarchy.  Developments will alter completely the nature of government regulation, the ability to tax and control economic interactions, the ability to keep information secret, and will even alter the nature of trust and reputation.

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Quote from an Ex-Prodigy

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“Mathematics is too arduous and uninviting a field to appeal to those to whom it does not give great rewards. These rewards are of exactly the same character as those of the artist. To see a difficult uncompromising material take living shape and meaning is to be Pygmalion, whether the material is stone or hard, stonelike logic. To see meaning and understanding come where there has been no meaning and no understanding is to share the work of a demiurge. No amount of technical correctness and no amount of labor can replace this creative moment, whether in the life of a mathematician or of a painter or musician. Bound up with it is a judgement of values, quite parallel to the judgement of values that belongs to the painter or the musician. Neither the artist nor the mathematician may be able to tell you what constitutes the difference between a significant piece of work and an inflated trifle; but if he is not able to recognize this in his own heart, he is no artist and no mathematician.”

Norbert Wiener, Ex-Prodigy: My Childhood and Youth (1964)

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Introducing the Manifestos section


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The word manifesto is derived from the Latin word “manifestum, meaning clear or conspicuous”. It is a published proclamation which declares the views, opinions, motives, policies, intentions and goals of the “individual, group, political party or government. We are going to start introducing different manifestos that cover a variety of topics by different authors. You should know by now the Illuminati Site understands Knowledge is Power, the more sources of information you have the better to navigate this thing we call life.

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5th of November

“Remember, Remember the 5th of November”, Guy Fawkes, V for Vendetta, Anarchism, Anonymous. Today is a day of remembrance, a day of symbolism, a day to stick it to those who abuse their power.

I began the day with intentions of marching alongside anonymous individuals in an act of solidarity to protest the many issues that plague society. These include but are not limited to police brutality, income inequality, limited access to quality education, poverty, for-profit-wars, racism, etc. So I took off work, grabbed my Guy Fawkes mask and headed to Philly. The meetup spot was the Art Museum. I arrived there at approximately 10:15 am. Per the online flyer, the march was supposed to begin at 10:30 am.

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Illuminati Site Breaking News

Illuminati Site Breaking Medical News: We have a cure for Affluenza

It’s my honor to announce this medical breakthrough. We have found the cure for Affluenza. This hereditary disease has been increasing in prevalence. Signs and symptoms include narcissism, nepotism, cronyism, selfishness, greed, amoral behavior and psychopathic tendencies. In 2013 affluenza caused the death of 4 people in Texas, while the patient who inherited the disease is still alive today. This plague is not just a 1st world problem, it’s everywhere.

Clinical trials on humans will be starting soon. Treatment requires the system to be Rebooted, followed by a large injection of Meritocracy. Onset of the treatment shocks the system and only 1% of the population will have side effects. The vaccine is currently in production around the globe and will be shipped to local Illuminati chapters for distribution to the general public. Please stay tuned for more Illuminati Site Breaking News.

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