Secret Message Class

DidYouThinkItWouldBeThatEasyThe Caesarian Shift cipher is also known as rot-N. It uses the alphabet and a shift, which is chosen by the user. To decode the message, you have to know what the shift is.

The text below had its letters shifted to the left or right by a certain number of spaces. To decode it, you need to know what the amount of the shift is and in which direction. You can always conduct a brute force attack, and try all of the possibilities. A smart method would be to analyse the text, look for what is common and appears as other characters in a sentence would. Some letters appear more often in a natural sentences structure, look for where those letters would be. It will help you figure out the shift value to crack the code.


N irel onfvp jnl bs pbqvat n zrffntr. Lbh pna nqq ynlref bs pbzcyrkvgl fb vg jvyy or uneqre gb penpx.

When attempting to crack a secret code think logically, ask questions about what you are viewing.  Does a sentence usually begin with the letter “N”?    View the structure of the words.  What is common between them?  Do you see any patterns within the words?  All of this is helpful when cracking codes.

You can continue to build on the complexity of the coded message, convert those letters into symbols, as seen below.

∏ ¡┏☰↑ ☐∏∲ƴþ ¿∏↑ ߧ þ߶ƴΛ⊥ ∏ ᶾ┏∲∲∏⊥┏▪ ↑ß╫ þ∏Λ ∏¶¶ ¥∏↑┏☰∲ ߧ þßᶾ↻¥┏├ƴç↑ ∲ß ƴç ¿ƴ¥¥ ☐┏ ü∏☰¶┏☰ çß þ☰∏þ✕▪

Remember, the coded message will only be as secure as it’s key to solve it. People are usually the weakest link in the security chain.

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